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Tomatoes Commodities



Tomatoes are susceptible to a variety of stem and surface molds and fungal pathogens including Botrytis, Alternaria, and Rhizopus, as well as at risk of contamination from food borne pathogens. Tomatoes are also sensitive to exogenous ethylene and exposure of mature-green fruit to ethylene will initiate ripening. To help ensure safe, high-quality arrivals with a long post-arrival shelf life, it is critical to control mold growth, slow ripening, and reduce populations of dangerous pathogens while in transit to market. Unfortunately, standard container refrigeration is often not enough protection—especially for longer transit times—and traditional controlled atmosphere (CA) does little to address decay from pathogens, nor enhance food safety. Faced with these limitations, tomato shippers are increasingly looking to Purfresh to enhance the level of produce protection during ocean transit.

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