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Purfresh Introduces Total Active Environment™

An innovative solution that will transform the fresh food supply chain by creating, controlling and monitoring the optimal environment for transporting the freshest and safest food to the consumer.

Menlo Park, Calif. —Feb 5, 2013—Purfresh, Inc., the industry leader of fresh food supply chain management technologies that optimize the quality of fresh produce, today announced Total Active Environment™.

Purfresh Total Active Environment™ creates and maintains the optimal conditions for each specific commodity during transport. The Total Active Environment™ combines and controls the full range of environmental elements, such as ozone, atmospheres, temperature and shock, as well as real-time monitoring of these factors and RH. The customer can optimizes freshness, safety and shelf life through customized container treatments to match the commodity and varietal needs. They can make informed decisions about produce with knowledge of actual shipping conditions and it provides an alternative to air freight with improved cold chain management and appropriate atmosphere.

"Different fruits and vegetables have unique needs and shelf life challenges, whether sensitivity to ethylene, susceptibility to mold, chilling injury, ripening control, etc. Purfresh's Total Active Environment™ provides the flexibility to meet these various needs, resulting in minimal shrink and optimized quality, nutritional value and shelf life" says Brian Westcott, CEO of Purfresh.

Purfresh's Intellipur™ provides control and monitoring to protect the substantial investment represented by a container of produce. Monitoring and control is the key to the effective use of atmosphere.

Intellipur™ is cloud-based proprietary software and the only system that allows real-time monitoring and control of environmental conditions during shipment. Every 10 minutes throughout the trip, satellite and/or GSM signals are sent from the Purfresh panel to Purfresh's 24/7 data center allowing Intellipur to provide real-time atmospheric conditions inside the marine container, location data, automatic alerts, and detailed trip reports. Alarms or alerts warn of conditions such as incorrect vent settings, unplanned power-off events or incorrect temperature settings and corrective actions can be made while at sea or in port. Real-time monitoring and the ability to take corrective action allow a departure away from post-voyage confirmation and instead allow informed decision making with real-time feedback and control.

Available worldwide as a per-trip or contracted service, everyone – from the grower/shipper/retailer to the consumer – benefits from augmented transparency, fewer losses, and higher-quality arrivals.

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