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Growers / Shippers
Growers and Shippers
For years, growers and shippers tried to protect their cargo with traditional controlled or modified atmosphere systems, fungicides, and temperature recorders. But these systems lacked vital capabilities. They couldn’t reduce decay, reduce pathogens, control ripening, and enhance food safety simultaneously. They couldn’t be monitored in real time. And the reefer conditions couldn’t be adjusted en route. Purfresh solves these deficiencies with full transparency real-time monitoring and ozone response. Proven, cost effective, and chemical free, Purfresh is the ideal solution for cargo requiring strict ethylene, humidity, oxygen, and carbon dioxide adherence, and comprehensive post-voyage data.
In addition to protecting your investment while in transit, Purfresh:
  • Extends shelf life – allowing more time to reach the buyer
  • Reduces or eliminates chemical use
  • Complies with USDA and FDA organic guidelines
  • Maintains freshness – ensuring you receive the maximum value for your shipment
  • Saves money by reducing waste, repack, and related claims processing
  • Enables sensitive produce to be economically shipped longer distances – helping you reach and develop new markets
  • Provides on-demand trip reports and claim defense
  • Purfresh is the ideal solution for multiple commodities, learn more.