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Customer Service FAQ
Customer Service FAQ
Who is Purfresh designed to be used for? Purfresh can be used by fresh fruit, vegetable and flower growers, fresh meat producers, manufactures of temperature-sensitive cargo, and steam ship lines to help protect the valuable cargo during ocean transit.
How do I request Purfresh? Purfresh requests can be submitted on line at:
What type of container is Purfresh compatible with? Purfresh is currently compatible with all Carrier Transicold ThinLine, EliteLine, Prime-Line models newer than 2002 (SN 511-253 after Feb. 2003)
What type of gen-set should we use? Purfresh 2405 and 2102 models are compatible with both clip-on or underslung gensets.
What is the best way to package my commodity for shipment? For Purfresh to be utmost effective each grower/shipper should follow their established post harvest quality specs. In shipment the Purfresh works best when the circulated air can get into the product itself through vents and perforations. Purfresh recommends vented plastic bins, totes, and permeable bags as being the most favorable to ship with.
If I’m a shipper, steam ship line or trucker is there a summary set of instructions and guidance? Yes, see Shipper Booking Request, Ocean Carrier Install Request and/or Trucker Install Instructions.
How long does it take to install a Purfresh unit? Installation takes approximately 20 minutes once a container arrives to the install location or the installer gets to the container. See Installation Summary.
How does Purfresh plan their local inventory? Purfresh requests two weeks to meet new forecast or demand requirements. Purfresh keeps inventory in over 32 locations along with installation agents.
Where are the installation locations? Purfresh has over 32 install locations in 16 countries. See the back of the Shipper Booking Request, Ocean Carrier Install Request and/or Trucker Install Instructions for more details in your local area.
Do the installers alter any settings on the container? No, container setting at the controller, vent, and software are the responsibility between the shipper and the SSL container carrier. To work optimally, controller should be set for low-speed with economy mode off (CD34 and CD 50 are set to off.) Temperature settings are dictated by the shipper and will not be adjusted by Purfresh. Vent settings are dictated by the shipper and will not be adjusted by the installer. Note: In the event that a vent is closed or a vent setting not specified in the booking then a vent opening of 25 CHM (8%) setting is suggested.
Why is Purfresh installed prior to container stuffing? Purfresh is best to be installed before commodity stuffing in order to allow the container to get disinfected prior to load and to allow for the blank panel to be stored inside the container and before it is sealed.
When can I have Purfresh installed? Our agent contractors operate at their normal standard business hours. Requests for out of hours support can be coordinated and contracted locally at the agent’s standard rates.
If I need live assistance or have a question who can I call? All shipper, SSL’s, and truckers can call the Purfresh 24/7 answering service to leave a message and then the caller will be called back within an hour. Alternatively all questions or comments can be e-mailed to:
What if I cancel the container trip after Purfresh has been installed? Please inform Purfresh or local installer for removal coordination. There will be a charge for the installation and removal activity at the local rates established.
Where can I find out who my local installer agent is? All certified agents are listed on the back of the Shipper Booking Request, Ocean Carrier Install Request and/or Trucker Install Instructions. Also, a customer can call the Purfresh service hotline or e-mail to If a container service depot is interested in becoming an installation or recovery agent, please contact us by e-mail at
Does Purfresh monitor or alarm real-time? On models 2405 and 2402 Purfresh monitors the container for alarms and disruptions during the course of the trip. This service is provided as part of the many shipper programs available and has a surcharge to it.
Can I get a log or trip report once the trip is over? Yes. Each model has a capability to provide a trip download with various details. Trip reports can show data associated with ozone level, temperature, humidity, O2, CO2, alarms, route, and various events.
How are the Purfresh panels recovered? After unload at the consignee site, local contracted recovery agents work with the associated SSL personnel to isolate the container at a service depot or terminal and arrange for its removal. It is important that local personnel remove the unit and replace the blank panel before the container is stacked or exported to the next destination.
Where are the recovery locations? Purfresh runs an extensive network of recovery agents and contractors around the world in over 32 countries and 116 ports. Once a trip is booked, the destination agent is notified and the tracking of the container takes place until the panel is recovered after unloading.
After Purfresh panels are recovered where do they go? Once in the hand of the recovery agent, Purfresh can direct return to a regional service depot, placement into inventory, or return to Purfresh for advanced maintenance and upgrade service. The distribution of the panels is coordinated between the recovery agent and Purfresh and will not involve shippers, SSLs, or consignees.
What if I see a Purfresh panel on a container in a depot that is not loaded or being used? Notify via e-mail to the location, and container SN and Purfresh will coordinate the recovery from there.