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Cold Chain Intelligence
Real-Time On Trip Visibility
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Cargo Monitoring - Temparature Sentsitive Cargo
Purfresh Cold Chain Intelligence
Challenges of Cold Chain Management for temperature sensitive perishable cargo include long transit times and harsh environments. High value commodities are placed on intermodal transportation with indirect or no monitoring and rely on interdependent supply chains.
Purfresh Cold Chain Intelligence delivers real time, on trip visibility. Our real time monitoring delivers visibility of all atmospheric conditions within the reefer container. Detailed reports for post-trip documentation verifies that cargo has been kept at appropriate temperatures for the duration of the voyage.
Get increased protection for high value shipments with door breach and G-force notifications that will reduce risk of product tampering. The ability to correct problems in transit (temperature, atmosphere, shock) gives our customers control of remote logistics operations and gives them confidence that their valuable products will arrive in good condition.