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Case Studies
    Customer Case Studies
Andano Fruit   Adano Fruit
Customer Contact   Mr. Alejandro Adano
Customer Title   Director
Route   Uruguay to Asia, Europe, and North America
Days of Voyages   29 - 40 Days
Commodities   Blueberries & Mandarins
Problem   Shriveling and mold during ocean transport; limited routes
Solution   Purfresh Active Atmosphere
Results   Reach new market; higher quality fruit
Quote   “Purfresh allows us to reach destinations with confidence that the high quality standards of our products will be maintained when the fruit reaches our customers. Our customers are thrilled with the arrivals, and we will continue to utilize Purfresh for future shipments.”
Comercializadora Tierra Mexicanant   Comercializadora Tierra Mexicanan (Comtiem)
Customer Contact   Mr. Angel Ramirez
Customer Title   International Sales Manager
Route   Mexico to Europe & Mexico to the United Kingdom
Days of Voyages   23 - 28 Days
Commodities   Limes
Problem   Mold & ripening losses on ocean voyages more than 14 days in duration
Solution   Purfresh Active Atmosphere
Results   Improved bottom line – less decay, stronger color & longer shelf life
Quote   “We experienced a significant difference in the quality of the fruit for voyages longer than 14 days utilizing the Purfresh system compared to other solutions. As a result, we experienced fewer claims and an improvement in the company’s bottom line. We are thrilled with the technology and will continue to utilize Purfresh for future shipments.”