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Intellipur Overview
Real-Time Visibility
and Control
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Cargo Monitoring Overview
Cargo Monitoring, Real-Time Visibility and Control
Information is power, and with changing market dynamics and increased global pressures, the need for transparency throughout the shipping industry has reached a completely new level. Purfresh's cloud-based proprietary cargo monitoring software, Intellipur®, provides never before available real-time visibility into and control over the conditions of fresh food, flowers, and temperature-sensitive cargo shipped in refrigerated marine containers around the world.
Offering growers, manufacturers, importers/exporters, ocean carriers, and retailers the competitive advantage, Intellipur provides role-based real-time atmospheric conditions inside the reefer, location data, automatic alerts, and detailed trip reports. Available as a per-trip or contracted service, everyone – from the grower/manufacturer to the consumer – benefits from augmented transparency, fewer losses, and higher-quality arrivals.
Intellipur Tracking
Real-time Location and Status Overview
Real-time reporting on the location of your reefer container and status of the internal atmospheric conditions. Providing constant insight into the storage conditions and early warning of potentially damaging situations.

Real-Time Monitoring
Real-time monitoring provides the ability to minimize cargo damage by taking corrective action while the reefer is at sea or in port. Throughout the trip, satellite and/or GSM signals are sent from the Purfresh panel to Purfresh's 24/7 data center, every 10 minutes. When unexpected conditions occur, users automatically receive an alert sent to their computer or smart phone. Real-time monitoring reduces damage and loss by allowing Purfresh to resolve damaging conditions such as incorrect vent settings, unplanned power-off events and/or incorrect temperature settings to prevent cargo integrity from being compromised.
Intellipur Reporting
Comprehensive Post-Voyage Data
At the end of the journey, download complete trip details for a detailed view of atmospheric values during the trip. This type of information can be incredibly valuable in explaining arrival condition and provides great insight into the freshness of transported loads.

Comprehensive Post-Voyage Data
Comprehensive post-voyage reports provide valuable information about the container's atmospheric conditions during the trip including temperature, humidity, ozone levels, and respiration. In addition, trip reports highlight exactly when and where power-off events occurred, offering additional insight into the voyage
Intellipur Monitoring
Reefer Status Monitor
Detailed atmospheric values give complete insight into the conditions inside the reefer and offers strong indications to freshness status.

Monitoring & Alerts
Email and smart phone notifications are provided for the following events:
  • Sensor above threshold; includes temperature, relative humidity (RH), oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2), and ozone (O3)
  • Power-off events >1 hr
  • Geofence entry/exit
Trip Reports
Post-voyage reports on container settings allow shippers to verify the condition and quality of the shipment upon arrival, and offer insight into produce ripening through CO2 levels.
Reports include:
  • Sensor values, in 10-minute increments, for temperature, relative humidity (RH), oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2), and ozone (O3)
  • Power-off events >1 hour
  • Travel path via GPS coordinates
  • Port departure and arrival time stamps
  • Number of defrost events and duration